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November 9, 2020

Back to the Future of Education:
Report on four OECD scenarios

at the meeting of the Hungarian Pedagogical Association, Department of Adult Education

From Mária Kraiciné Szokoly's introduction: When we hear and read the term "future of education," our primary thought is certainly what that word means: education. The Hungarian language approaches this issue with the triple of growing-educating-training, taking into account that as a result of the pedagogical-andragogical paradigm shift, learning has become the focus instead of teaching. So the concept is a combination of growing, education, training, learning, learning support, mentoring, and so on. There are plenty of concepts that may be relevant in interpreting education. The pandemic struck in March 2020, bringing a huge change in the world of education, the school world, lifelong learning, employment - and, in fact, everything in the processes that affect our lives. The agenda of the meeting included among others four OECD scenarios about the school of the future. It can be difficult to imagine a future in which school systems have undergone a radical transformation or disappeared completely from their current appearance. The OECD has published a report looking to the future of education in a twenty-year timeframe. They do this without considering past and present changes. Instead, they imagine the future directly, but they speak not of one kind, but of several kinds of future.


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