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December 1 - December 15, 2016


December 1, 2016 Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Library

Students of ELTE PPK can take part in a library visit for three weeks to learn about the possibilities and rules of library use. In the organization of the lecturer Ann Stumpf-Benedek, we first visited the Central Library of the Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Library, where we could learn from the history of the Library and the premises of the building, with the help of the information librarian Edit Ambrusné Vigh. We have seen the Dragon Children's Library and the playroom, the various reading rooms (sculpture room, art reader). We have learned that the Fővárosi Szabó Ervin Library is completely accessible, as well as paying special attention to serving the disabled.


December 8, 2016 National Pedagogical Library and Museum

The second site of the series of visits was the National Pedagogical Library and Museum. The Library was presented by Mária Borostyániné Rákóczi, Director of the Library Services Department. Our hostess said that there are some 600,000 books in the OPKM, and each of them has some connection with pedagogy. The institution also has 80,000 textbooks and 80,000 school notifications. In addition, there are plenty of youth literature here. Ildikó Reményi led us to visit the Museum: she presented the exhibition Orbis Pictus, whose logical structure is the following: from still picture to moving image. Our guide led the visit through stories and remembrances.


December 15, 2016 National Széchényi Library

During our third visit we visited the National Széchényi Library, the Library of the Nation. We entered the 2 times 11 storey warehouse where Tamás Mészáros gave directions on the volume arrangement. The easiest volume in the OSZK is only a few grams, but the most heviest ones include 22 to 25 kgs. From Laszlo Herendi, we learned that all publishers (or more precisely the printing house) are obliged to provide copies to the Library, which means that they will send 6 by 6 copies of newly published documents. There are about 500,000 journals and nearly 170,000 maps in the OSZK with a tens of million documents. The Library can provide locally-readable materials with a 40-minute timeline, and we may access the source for special collections within 1 day.




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