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August 12, 2018

From Judgment to Release - Development of Prison Communities to Support Reintegration
Attila Károly Molnár


The purpose of this paper is to present some opportunities for a life-changing situation after release of prisoners by examining the adult learning processes preparing them for the release. In this study, the emphasis was placed on the motivation and the motivatibility of the people living in prisons. Through domestic and international examples, the reintegration-supporting learning processes in prisons are presented. Empirical data came from those prisoners in a national penitentiary institution who occured as free-will for a participant-centered group work. Focus group discussions, movie clubs, and exercises supporting self-awareness have led us to the learning about the participants' individual and group learning motivations. Among the results of the focus group discussions and a film club, the participating prisoners have become more open, the self-expression quality of the group members has increased. By trying basic meditation exercises, the prisoners learned a method that brought them closer to a more relaxed state, to reduce stress and aggression. The feedback from the participants of the group work reflects that the motivational andragogical sessions have a positive impact on the various forms of prison education.

Empirical data come from those inmates of a domestic penitentiary who volunteered to participate in my participatory group work. Andragogy methods (observation, focus group discussion, film club, meditation) have led to the individual and group learning motivation of these detainees.

Through the focus group discussion and the movie club, the participants became more open, their self-expression increased. By conducting basic meditation exercises, detainees learned a method to achieve a more relaxed state of mind, to reduce stress and aggression. I used a questionnaire method to collect the feedback of the participants and the prisoners. Based on the answers, it can be said that the motivational andragoic occupations of detainees have a positive impact on the realization of various forms of prison education.



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