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3MT - Coimbra Group

Three Minute Thesis
Andragogy for Reintegration by Attila Károly Molnár


The penitentiary system in Hungary has the aim to prepare inmates for life outside prison. Nearly 50 percent of prisoners who have already finished their sentence repeat crime. And this high level of recidivism is calling for action. It's known that of about 18 thousand inmates cannot take part in the labor market. They're also missing from the families - let's just think about making money or bringing up children. So, a need is identified that sciences like andragogy should pay more attention to prisoners, to give them a higher chance so that they could find the way back into society.

The development of prison is working top-down. However, the penitentiary system is not only capable of evolving at an organizational level but is also capable at the level of the person. In Hungary the law is changing. So we hope that a new ideology will allow us to take steps towards a new reintegration method.

My doctoral research is based on group works. With a participant-centered group work we intend to achieve a result that inmates would be motivated for a co-operational work with professionals. The method of research is a case study focusing on group works, focusing on groups discussions, film clubs and an additional promising action, meditation, which has not yet been explored within the prison. As a pilot research we observed how the above-mentioned andragogical tools could be accepted. And we found that focus group discussions had made people more open-minded. The film sessions were useful in terms of growing self-knowledge. And through meditation, some groups of prisoners found and learnt a new way how to get relaxed. So, our goal is to develop a positive vision of inmates, and to motivate the target groups in self-helping by self-directed learning with an adult learning process. We just want to find a new way to let prisoners more able in getting prepared to return to society.



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